Should I Grow Out My Gray Hair?

May 10, 2021

On the fence about growing out your gray?

How to decide if going gray is right for you

Have you been sitting out your hair appointments over the past year?  You might find yourself considering letting your gray completely grow out at this point.  Enough of it has grown in to get a feel for what you would look like with your natural gray.

You may be on the fence on this decision.  Over the last year, there wasn’t much choice in the matter.  You have been working from home, you hadn’t really been going anywhere besides the grocery.  With your hair tied back, you can get a sense for how you look with gray hair.  Many of your friends and co workers have transitioned from coloring their hair, and they look great!  Part of you feels like its what you should do.  Everyone has an opinion on the matter, don’t they?   Feeling torn?

The truth is, there is no right or wrong answer here.  Going gray doesn’t have to be a black and white decision (pun intended) What matters 100% is how do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror?  This is where your answer is.  Do you feel confident? Do you feel like YOU?

I have had many conversations with clients around this subject over the past few months, and the experience is different for everyone.  Some clients have gone through the transition with a little help from the Moxi team to make it more graceful, and they absolutely love the results and wouldn’t look back!  Others look in the mirror, and just don’t feel like themselves, and really aren’t ready to go full on gray. 


What are my options?

This may be a chance to try something different for you.  We have so many options to offer, and here are just a few.

If you would like a little less maintenance, but still want some color and dimension to break it up, a combination of lowlights and highlights might be a good choice for you and the grow out is not as obvious as a full solid color.

You will still have some strands of gray, white or silver mixed in, resulting in a very natural blend of colors.  You get to sport the gray, just a little less of it!

This is a great way to transition from coloring your hair to growing out your natural gray hair.  Over time you can adjust how many highlights and lowlights you want and gradually wean away from color as you are ready.


Another option is using a translucent demi permanent color that will camouflage the gray a bit, but will wash out over time.  You can also have some fun with this non committal choice and opt for something edgy like a translucent violet, or even a really cool steel color to accentuate the gray or white and add shine!  Since your gray hair has no pigment, it really takes on these colors beautifully.  Why not take advantage of this blank canvas, and go for it!

You might come to find that you are simply not ready to see that gray on your head and  want to be rid of it.  You can always revisit the idea of growing out again later, but for now, you want to go back to completely covering it. This is fine!  What matters is that you feel like yourself again!

Need help deciding?

Would you like to talk about your own hair and what options would be best for you moving forward from where you are now?

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