Blonde Hair Care

April 12, 2021

Summer Blonde

Tips for keeping your hair strong healthy and vibrant

Warm weather in New Mexico means being outside more, hiking, walks, bike rides, and my own favorite outdoor activity, sitting on a patio with some good tunes and a beverage. Sunshine is good for the soul-not so good for the skin or the hair! 

Extra measures must be taken to keep your lighter hair healthy, strong, vibrant and shiny.  When you invest the extra time and money into getting your hair to that perfect shade of blonde, keeping it looking and feeling its best is a priority.

I’ve put together for you, a few simple but important tips to help you keep those pearly strands strong, healthy and vibrant.


  • Use a nickel to quarter sized amount of a color supportive sulphate-free shampoo.
  • Massage, focusing on your scalp and just allow the suds to run through the ends.  Massaging the scalp increases blood flow.  Blood flow feeds your follicles.
  • Don’t scrub your mid-length or ends- unless you’ve been playing mud volleyball, this isn’t necessary.  *Many shampoos that have no or low sulfates may not lather very much.  This does not mean it isn’t doing it’s job.  If you feel your hair needs it, just shampoo twice.


  • Condition your ends first and work your way up.  If your scalp feels dry, or you have been in the sun, then rub some of that moisture into your scalp as well.
  • Let your conditioner sit for 3-5 minutes.
  • Rinse with cool water.  If you are like me and love the hottest shower possible AND using all the hot water in the house, that’s fine, just make the adjustment to the temp to cool, stick your head in there, and get it over with for that one moment!   I promise your hair will thank you, as this smooths the cuticle and will give you shine.


  • Treat your blonde locks to a mask or other intense strengthening treatment once or twice a week. Leave in for 10-15 minutes, in addition to or in place of your conditioning treatment (depending on the instructions and the purpose).


  • Use a thermal protectant before applying heat to your hair. Apply protectant before any other styling products.  This will help prevent discoloration to your blonde (heat can turn it yellow).
  • Don’t set your hot irons above 340.  I have seen so many clients who have singed their ends beyond repair.  Don’t do it.

Other Tips & Tricks for Summer Blondes

  • Wear a swim cap in the pool!  I would also suggest applying conditioner or a mask to your hair before the swim cap for some extra love.   If you don’t have a cap, or don’t want to wear one, then be sure to wet your hair before getting in.  this will prevent your hair from soaking up pure chlorinated water-yuck.
  • Come in to refresh your toner half way through until your next lightening appointment.  Not only does this keep your color looking its best, it is also very conditioning to your hair and helps keep ends from splitting and breaking. It repairs damage over time with repetitive use.

Heart of Glass

We have a new addition to our haircare arsenal that I think you will be really excited about, I know I am!  High quality is really important to you and Davines has created a new line called Heart of Glass (name inspired by Debbie Harry of course, and the bottle design was inspired by Japanese whiskey bottles-how rock and roll is that?) This line was created special for blondes!

Silkening Shampoo (nourishing and tone balancing)

Rich Conditioner (use after every shampoo for moisture and tone balancing)

Intense Treatment (10 minute treatment, once or twice per week for brightening and reinforcing)

Sheer Glaze (UV and thermal heat protectant)

Heart of Glass is designed to repair, strengthen, hydrate and protect your hair while maintaining and balancing your blonde tones.

We will be adding this treatment to all of our lightening services at the salon, so be ready for a treat at your next appointment!

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